Scripted and directed by Mu. Ra. Mangal Eswar. He is an experienced Film Director done more than 30 Ad Films and worked in more than 6 Tamil films under many experienced Directors. Supported by Film Fund India & Vgosh Media. Music by Sam D Raj. Photography by Praka, Promoted by Various media. This film is crowdfunded thru various online and offline resources who support creativity and the hard working people behind it. Just share this message, support the movie Sleeping with open eyes and take it to the world. Movie making needs more creative hands. It can’t be done by a single person. More people involved means more expenses but the end result will go around the world for the years to come.Be a part of this movie SLEEPING WITH OPEN EYES and be proud.


The story

Sleeping with Open Eyes is an English- Tamil bilingual feature film.

This movie has a social cause behind it. In this modern era man is capable of destroying even a hill for mining and other resources which directly affects the earth we live in and the air we breath. Based on few real facts in this hill, the movie goes tense from scene 1 till last. It comes under the genre of mystery thriller involving 2 unmarried couples and a female model where they came to this Jawadhu hill on a discovery tour where the couples died on mysterious circumstances and the police retrieve their bodies but the Female Model’s disappearance is still not known and this incident led to saving a beautiful hill called Jawadu Hills situated in Tamilnadu, South India from the Indian Mining Mafias.


It is an English - Tamil bilingual, expected to be dubbed in other Indian languages


Jawadhu Hills, Chennai, Delhi, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra


45 Days, which will be split into 2 schedules.

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Of course, it is very difficult to give your hard earned money when someone requests for support. Since, making a feature film is a very costly affair, how do you know backing this project will actually lead to a finished product?

We are a not a new team, we are in the Indian film industry for more than 10 years and we have gained huge trust from the movie industry, production houses, fans and obviously trust amongst the team. We have been supported by Vgosh Media where they have their full fledged audio recording studio, dubbing, editing, DI and shooting equipments.

We have a very good team. With many popular  industry biggies going to be a part of this movie and will take it to new heights for sure.

We already have the infrastructure to produce the content, the funds we are raising are for production and post-production only. That means most of the money you are giving will end up for shooting and experienced technicians payments.

SWOE team already visited the locations, discussed the entire script, completed the dialog, screenplay,  have recorded 2 Soundtracks with Music composer Sam D Raj and have done few promotional videos with the funds from our friends and from our own pockets.

Remuneration for the Cast0%
Shooting Expenses0%
Post-Production Expenses0%
Traveling Expenses0%
Marketing Expenses0%


Mu Ra Mangal Eswar


Sam D Raj

Music Composer

IJ Praka


Thims Rayan

Asst Director

Meenatchi Sundaram

Lyrics Writer

Actor more than 50 Tamil Films




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Sleeping With Open Eyes

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Why you should be a part of Sleeping With Open Eyes?


The story is based on real incidents and its been scrutinized, edited to make it fast and crisp


The music for the movie is by Sam D Raj where he has worked with many Music composers in the Middle east and this is his 4 movie.


We are going to dub this movie in French, Koren, Russian, Hindi, Telugu and other languages to get the maximum reach


We are going to send this movie to the Top 50 Film Festivals of the World and participate in all well known Awards selection procedures


A total 6 different cameras are going to be in the project with various special equipment and lights are being used


We are in touch with various top film distribution companies from various countries where they have should enough support already


The budget for the movie is USD 98,000 but we are going for a crowdfunding for USD 45,000 only since we have already found the sources for 45% of the movie.


Our social media campaign, our road shows, our print advertisements and our media plan are going to be like a Million dollar movie plan


Many movies get stuck at the post production level but for us we already have a production company where they are our co-producers.


The Crew, the cast, the story are the main three ingredients of this movie and I’m confident that this thriller movie with a social cause makes Sleeping With Open Eyes very unique – Director Mu. Ra Mangal Eswar


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Support Creativity, Support SWOE

Your contribution for Sleeping With Open Eyes will help us cover our productionpost-production and festival costs. Once completed and before the release of the movie we will be applying to all major film festivals, and with the names we have, the original content, and our philanthropic platform, we believe this mystery thriller will get a lot of attention. Whether you are a seasoned producer or a lover of films who has always dreamed of getting involved in the business, this is your chance to have your name out there in a positive and professional manner. All donations will be put directly into this movie.

Our Audio Visual Partner – VM Audio Visual Chennai, India